Die Krupps

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Die Krupps

Doors: 20:00

When talking about industrial pioneers, a band should not be missing: THE KRUPPS. In addition to Kraftwerk and the Einstürzende Neubauten, the band from Düsseldorf has been one of the internationally present and relevant pioneers of sound since the 1980s, recording the tool rhythm and machine sound in a steel mill like no one else here.

Not for nothing the founder Jürgen Engler borrowed their name from the Essen heavy industry family Krupp and called the first record "Stahlwerksinfonie" - also the last album "Stahlwerk Requiem" leans here.
Bands such as Front 242, Nitzer Ebb (with which they landed the Billboard hit "Machineries Of Joy") or Rammstein drew their inspiration from the crunchy tracks of the pioneers of Electronic Body Music. In 1991, following a musical transformation, DIE KRUPPS set new standards with their groundbreaking album "I", which features the song "Metal Machine Music" based on Lou Reed's melodic-free feedback album, and - not only in Germany - new ones Electronics standards with hard rock riffs. Several albums made it into the top 20. The heavy guitar sound coupled with driving sequencers made THE KRUPPS the epitome of innovation: This mix makes their music timeless and is even after 20 years a guarantee for full dance floors and energetic live shows.

After a long break, the band began in 2005 again due to the strong fan demand to play concerts worldwide. The highlights were undoubtedly the frenetically celebrated KRUPPS Japan Tour, as well as the performances at the Wacken Open Air and M'era Luna Festival.

Likewise, the entire back catalog was re-released internationally and 2015 appeared with "V - Metal Machine Music" the last studio album of the band, which earned rave reviews in the international rock and alternative press and entered the top 40 of the Media Control Charts.

Now the machines are being oiled again: THE KRUPPS are currently working on a new, as yet untitled, album that will be released later this year.

.... and of course the noisemakers are on tour again:
Engler and his colleagues Ralf Dörper (synthesizer), Marcel Zürcher (guitar), Nils Finkeisen (guitar) and Paul Keller (drums) come to our stages to combine art, work, pay, music, noise, sweat and dance.