Spirit Adrift - European Darkness over Siegen

Montag, 04. Mai 2020 19:00   Preis:   €

Gutter Gods Cult presents:

Spirit Adrift
Not even half a year after their stunning EU-live-debut Arizona-Metalheads Spirit Adrift reappear at the club with their genuine & exceptional approach on doom-soaked Heavy Metal. You should not sleep on the occasion to catch one of this decade’s most important Heavy Metal acts /// 20 Buck Spin & Century Media Records /// ffo: crushing riffs & epic melodies


Rancid Rimjob Rampage
Fuzz, the whole fuzz and nothing but the fuzz. Heavy riffin’ & slow-paced Doom-Sludge for fans of Bongripper, Demonic Death Judge and casual goat worship.


Vortex Surfer Musikclub
Doors: 19:00 /// Start: 20:00

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Vortex Surfer Musikclub
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