Kadavar + Special Guest(s)

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"It‘s these deeply imprinted, unforgettable memories and impressions of continuous touring one can feel on »Berlin« in every line and every strum. Though recorded live in the studio on the band‘s own analog gear again, it‘s distinctly audible that this time round the record turned out even deeper as far as songwriting and arrangements are concerned - and that Lindemann, Bartelt and Bouteloup have spent more time on the recordings than ever before. Tracks like 'Filthy Illusion' and 'See The World With Your Own Eyes' knock your socks off with their boisterous energy. 'The Old Man' and 'Last Living Dinosaur' deliver post-modern madness at its finest. And vocalist Lupus Lindemann provides insights as personal as never before, like in 'Restless': “I never stay. I never pray. My life is meant to go along this endless road, it’s winding round and round.“ In 2015, KADAVAR‘s songs have evolved to become the ultimate reanimation of the seething primordial soup rock music has once emerged from. Explaining why the three-piece wanted to memorialize the city of Berlin and their roots in the album title, drummer Tiger states: “We‘re different people from different places but in this city, we‘ve somehow managed to create something we all love.“ Even the bonus track reflects the seriousness of this statement: The epically mystic cover version of 'Reich der Träume' by German songstress NICO whose remains lie buried in the capital. It marks KADAVAR‘s first-ever song sung in German. For the restless trio - luckily alive and well - it‘ll be back on the road again shortly after the album release in autumn: The next world tour is calling"
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