Freak Sabbath Vol. 3 - Freak Sabbath Vol.3 - Chrongoblin + The Devil a.t. Almighty Blues + The Spacelords + Nap

Samstag, 06. Mai 2017 19:00   Preis: 11 // 18  € / VVK  7 // 14 € Schüler/StudentInnen: 11  € / VVK 7  €

Das FREAK SABBATH Fest geht in die 3te Runde!!

Chron Goblin [CA] - Heavy-riffin’ four-piece
The Devil And The Almighty Blues [NO] - Blues, Rock, Mud and Syrup
The Spacelords [DE] - Spacerock/Psychedelic/<wbr />Stonerrock
Nap [DE] - Heavy Psychedelic Rock

Doors: 19:00

VVK: 7 Euro für Schüler/StudentInnen // 14 Euro für alle anderen
zzgl. etwaiger VVK Gebühren

AK: 11 Euro für Schüler/StudentInnen // 18 Euro für alle anderen

High octane party sort of vibe, but trading in some of that punky off beat style for more of a riff based approach. This is where their understated southern rock side really shines through, well, that coupled with a touch of desert rock and a slight smattering of post hardcore. It boasts a great selection of licks that really manage to breathe a nice breath of fresh air into the whole style

When the 60’s turned into the 70’s there was a musical crossroads. The American blues had had it’s run with teens on both sides of the Atlantic long enough so that the blues-offspring named rock’n’roll had to expand or die. It did not die, it expanded in all kinds of directions! And right there in the crossroads between blues-based rock and all the world’s other sub-genres of rock, something happened to the blues. The format got experimented with, expanded and almost made unrecognizable. But at the same time the roots to the original ’real’ blues was never lost. Where Peter Green left Fleetwood Mac in 1970 with the track «Green Manalishi», where Johnny Winter stretched his musical legs, where ZZ Top bought Marshall full stacks and shot from the hip, and last but not least where the legend himself, Muddy Waters, stretched the limits of that was ’legal’ with the album «Electric Mud». And not to forget Hendrix, Free Canned Heat and the rest of the gang from the Woodstock-era. The result was a highly electric musical revolution, where e.g. the newly born genre hard rock walked hand in hand with traditional delta blues.
It is out from this musical mud The Devil and the Almighty Blues have found their inspiration. Their music is slow, heavy, melodic and raw, all without losing the almighty blues out of sight.

THE SPACELORDS came down to planet earth to blow peoples brains off with their severe Spacerock tunes and send them into far out territories!

Hier treffen groovende Psychedelic-Jam-Sessions auf schwerste Doom-Riffs. Instrumentaler Stoner-Rock wird dramaturgisch in Szene gesetzt und voller Spielfreude zelebriert, bevor man sich in entspannte Soundgemälde plumpsen lässt, um kurz nach Luft zu schnappen. Vereinzelt schießen sogar Surf-Melodien und twangy Sounds hervor, die ungewohnte Farbtupfer in das dunkel metallische Bild bringen. Vor allem läßt sich NAP jedoch immer wieder viel Zeit und auffallend ist, dass man oft gegen Ende der Songs mit mächtigen Vocals überrascht wird, die dem Ganzen die Krone aufsetzen.
Das kann frischen Wind in die verstaubte Wüste bringen. NAP reduziert sich keineswegs auf den Begriff „Retro“, sondern mischen ihn neu auf.