Lonely Kamel [no] & Mirror Queen [us]

Samstag, 14. April 2018 20:00   Preis: 15  € / VVK  12 € Schüler/StudentInnen: 11  € / VVK 8  €

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Lonely Kamel [NO / blues/stoner/doom/<wbr />psykedelia/sludge]
Mirror Queen [US / 70s heavy rock]

This camel is certainly not a lone voice in the wilderness. Especially since LONELY KAMEL indeed sound like a desert, but in truth come from Norway. And obviously traditional Hard Rock can be produced quite exquisitely between fjords and endless forests, which sound nice, meaty and dry. On their fourth album the Norwegians act in the tension between Hard Rock from the seventies, Stoner Rock, Blues, Psychedelic and a dash of Doom.

MIRROR QUEEN - Influenced by such 70’s legends as Hawkwind, Deep Purple, UFO, Blue Oyster Cult, Captain Beyond, the rockier sides of more recent outfits such as Motorpsycho and Swervedriver, as well as the best of the current heavy bands, they aspire towards psychedelic hard rock of the highest order.

=> www.eventbrite.de/o/vortex-surfer-musikclub-16419325323